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CA Bar Requirements

California State Bar Requirements

California has adopted a mandatory requirement of 25 hours for every 3 years.


  • The State Bar of California adopted a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program in 1992. There are 250,000 active licensed attorneys in the state of California. California currently requires 25 hours of CLE credits over 3 years. Attorneys can carry credits over from year to year but not to the next cycle. Reporting Date: January 31.

MCLE Reporting

  • CLE Coordinator Responsibility
  • The State Bar of California’s reporting method is by transcript. After a class is completed, the CLE Coordinator maintains the Class Sign In form for up to four years for audit purposes.

Attorney Responsibility

  • California attorneys are required to report their attendance of CLE classes by using the California Certificate of Attendance form. Credits are posted by state bar identification number or attorney name to individual CLE transcripts, which keep a running total of CLE credits for a particular year.

Class Accreditation

  • California bases accreditation on 60 full minutes per hour. This means for every 60 minutes of training, the attorney is accredited 1.0 MCLE credit hours. California does not include in this 60 minutes time for introduction and welcoming remarks. Even though the California MCLE Board grants attorneys one credit hour for each 60 minutes of training, there is a maximum number of credits an attorney can receive for any given class. California will accredit luncheon/dinner speeches. California will give CLE credit for audio and videotapes and in-house training programs.

Note: Telephonic Training is approved in the state of California and is counted as participatory credit. Attorneys can receive up to 12-1/2 hours of telephonic training.

If you attend any entire seminar and review all the self-study materials provided with your registration fee, you will fulfill your entire 25-hour MCLE requirement (12.5 participatory and 12.5 hour self-study package).


LawTalk™ MCLE, Inc. is a State Bar of CA approved MCLE provider.