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We compete on the basis of superior quality programming, aggressive marketing, and intense attention to the convenience and comfort of practicing lawyers.

Our strategy is (1) to use multiple marketing media to attract lawyers to choose LawTalk™ for all or a portion of their MCLE requirements; (2) to make their experience with us so useful, convenient, and pleasant that they will use LawTalk™ for their future MCLE needs; and (3) to encourage our attendees to recommend us to their colleagues.
Because of the seasonal characteristics of the MCLE marketplace, our sales strategy includes heavy promotional efforts for our MCLE seminars from September through January. During the remaining months we focus on in-house presentations, June deadline states (approximately 300,000, out of the entire marketplace of 1,000,000), year-round compliance states (Texas and Florida) and various state and local legal conventions.

We mail and insert high quality full color brochures. We broadcast fax and broadcast email to relevant market segments. We use proactive telemarketing to contact large firms and individual lawyers who are faced with compliance in 30-90 days. In our marketing materials and at our seminars we solicit in-house business with law firms, and corporations whose representatives have chosen to attend our programs.

Our advertising promotion and sales strategies are intended to position LawTalk™ as the global leader in skills-oriented continuing legal education.