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Currently (in the United States) 40 states have Minimum Continuing Legal Education requirements as a condition of maintaining a license to practice law. These states include approximately 1,000,000 lawyers. Each lawyer is required to complete from 10-15 hours of MCLE per year. Most states require all hours to be in the traditional seminar setting, although some states allow some or all of the requirements to be satisfied by self-study audio, video and interactive programming.

The North American market for MCLE programs and products is estimated to be over $2 billion annually. Additionally, there is a growing global MCLE marketplace, especially in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia/New Zealand. We believe that our customer service, skills-oriented approach can gain significant market share profitably in what has been a traditional content-directed school model.

All our programs are skills-oriented and usable by any lawyer in the English speaking world.[2] This approach allows us to avoid the state-by-state limitations of most traditional continuing legal education. We have presented our programs in England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and throughout the USA.